Board of Trustees

Green Country Village welcomed its first residents in 1990. Made possible by the donation of a 30-acre site and funding from the Ted and Melody Lyon Foundation and Phillips Petroleum, the goal was to create an inviting place to fulfill the needs of seniors. After a successful local fund drive, a dream was realized and a community was formed. What began as a dream in the local churches blossomed into a community-wide project that continues to serve the area's seniors.

Green Country Village Board of Trustees

  • William Dausses, President
  • Glenda Garrison, Vice President
  • David Nelson, Treasurer
  • Steve Grogan
  • Becky Liehr
  • H. Michael May
  • Dayna McCoy
  • William Millis
  • Pat Poindexter
  • Steve Smith
  • Kathi Swanson
  • Rev. Dr. Kevin Tully
  • Dr. Pat Tinker
  • Stephen Colaw

Green Country Village Operations Management

  • Mike Pelzer, Executive Director
  • Rick Pruett, LCS Operations Director
  • Richard Funk, LCS Director of Operations Management