Resident Testimonials

This is what our residents are saying about life at Green Country Village


Sarah (Sally) Finch

It was my choice to move into GCV.  I have lived at GCV for 3 years and enjoy my independent living.  I chose my apartment and have furnished it with furniture and objects of my choice.  One can opt to take part of the planned activities or simply continue hobbies or whatever you did for enjoyment before moving into GCV.  I know most of the residents in independent living- some of whom I have known for more than fifty years.   “Make new friends but keep the old--one is silver and the other gold.”

Gary & Marilyn Fickel

Thank you for the exceptional care you extended to our loved one during her stay at GCV.  The staff at GCV were like family to her.
The various activities and programs provided by GVC serves to heighten the enjoyment of the residents as well as offer learning opportunities.
Thank you again for offering senior living at its' finest!

Jeanne Rowlett

I really enjoy living at GCV.  We have so many activities planned for us.  I enjoyed the Ladies Luncheon.  We were asked to bring our wedding photos at the June luncheon.  It was great fun.  When would you get to do that?  The men have a monthly breakfast with someone well known to be the guest speaker.  We have several movies a month and several live music shows.  We also have a monthly birthday celebration.  We have bridge groups, card clubs and a book club.  We also have an exercise group that meets every week day morning.  The exercise if good for us.
The service we receive is great and the food is special.
One of the best things I like is having my own washer & dryer in my apartment.

Jack & Euela Randall

For 47 years, we had the joy & pride of owning our own home in Bartlesville, but when the cooking, upkeep, and responsibilities became a burden instead, we decided to move into GCV.  It is an attractive and friendly place that provides conveniences, comfort, and safety.  The efficient and friendly staff take care of the cleaning, repairs, meal preparation and cleanup, as well as provide a variety of entertainment.  We enjoy the sense of community with daily association with the friendly residents at mealtimes and all kinds of activities.  We also have the privacy of our own apartment for relaxing and personal activities.  We furnished our new home with the familiar things from our old home, so it feels like “our place,” and we really feel it was right to move here.

Phyllis Harper

Since my three daughters do not live in Bartlesville and I do not drive anymore, transportation is most necessary.  The driver is always available and very careful.  She pays attention at all stop signs.    She is not only the driver but has become a good friend to me.

Lola Traxson

I enjoy living here at GCV because everyone, residents & staff are friendly and helpful.  I also appreciate the many activities that are provided for our enjoyment.  Thanks to all of the GCV staff.  It is a great place to call “home”.

Helen Shell

I enjoy living at GCV for many reasons:  friendliness of staff, great transportation, location of GCV, variety of activities, and food management.  The greatest of these is the food management.  I love the food and I am a “finicky” eater.  I became even more after my heart bypass.  I can always find something I like.  The menu has two entrée and two alternative items.  Then, too, the menu notes heart healthy, no sugar added, etc.  That is great!  Interested people often inquire about the food.  “How is the food at GCV?”  I always reply, It's the very best there is.  The Sunday buffet is excellent!  You want to know about GCV?  Try it, you will like it!”

Jean Hill Hoskinson

A year ago, I somewhat reluctantly agreed to move to GCV at the push from both of my sons.  They both live in Texas and worried about me living alone in my home.  What a great push that was.  I've reconnected with many friends and met many new ones.  I am quite content and enjoy my so-called “golden years”.

Bernadine Knotts

I would like to take a few minutes of your time to tell you and the management of GCV apartments, how comfortable it is to be a resident here.  The help is very considerate and helpful to us.  The food is good and well served.  My thanks to all who make it so pleasant to live at GCV.

Peggy Jones

GCV means so much to me.  I love people and helping them feel better.  Talking to the residents as you walk the halls, visiting with everyone at the different entertainments & in the dining room where we eat our meals makes everyone  feel better.  I enjoy sitting out by the lake area.  How many people can have that to enjoy at your door?  Be friendly and it will always return to you.

Dorothy Florian

I enjoy the library at GCV that has an array of books, magazines, and pamphlets at GCV.  Newspapers are delivered right to your door so you can keep up on the daily news.  Another reason I like living at GCV, is that you can do your walking indoors and not have to bother about the weather, animals, people, cars, curbs, broken sidewalks, nor being attacked.

Jim Wride

Everyone enjoys associating with friends.  GCV is the place to do that.  Current residents are quick to introduce themselves to newcomers and to welcome them to join in the many activities available to all at our home.  Almost everyone will greet you with a smile including the directors, office staff, maintenance staff, dining room employees, housekeepers and fellow residents.

If a new resident has a question, ask anyone you meet.  If that person does not know the answer, he or she will normally put you in touch with someone who can supply the information requested.  That is what you expect a friend to do and you will find a good supply of friends at GCV to help as needed.

If you ask a long time resident at GCV if there is anything they don't like here, the answer if often said, “I only wish I had come here sooner!”  Enough said!
Most people will admit that on the subject of food, you probably cannot please all the people all the time.  However, here there are enough choices on the menu at each meal that if you go away hungry, it will normally be your fault.  We also like the fact that you do not all have to be in the dining room precisely at an exact time for the meals.  The normal schedule serves food over one and a half hour period for the main meal at lunch or for dinner and two hours for breakfast.  The exact schedule is up to you, the resident.  Come & join us at GCV.

Bill & Billie Walker

We have now lived at GCV for 21 months.  We have been favorably impressed from the day we moved in.  Management and all of the staff treat us like family.  We appreciate the food, the entertainment, helps with transportation, maintenance, laundry and cleaning services.  We could not ask for a better place to live in our retirement years.

Sue Glass

I have loved and appreciated all the 10 months I have been in GCV.  I recently had a water problem on a Sunday morning and it was promptly attended to.  It included caring for a wool rug which meant a lot to me.
I now eat wonderful, nourishing food and attend lots of interested programs I had missed doing.  An added plus is catching up with old friends.

Rose Mary Stephens

After living in Tulsa for 62 years, I didn't want to leave my friends and move to GCV as my children suggested but with cell phones, e-mail and visits, they are still close.  Also, I have made so many new friends here.  I am happy.  My son lives in Bartlesville and is available when I need him.  My apartment is fine.  The food is great and I enjoy all the activities.  The employees are friendly and helpful.  It's the best decision I ever made.

Delores Johnson

I lived in the country all my life so the first thing that impressed me was the beautiful lake, with sidewalks and a fishing dock.  You can see some wildlife such as the geese and their babies and on some occasions Coyote, rabbits, squirrels.  The lake area has plenty of benches to sit down and enjoy the view.

The indoors is beautifully decorated, clean and welcoming with couches, tables, and chairs.  I like the covered porch with the swing, etc.

The staff and residents are all anxious to make your living here most enjoyable.  Besides many activities, there is a library and puzzle room.  Many residents play bingo, wii bowling, and card games.  There is a large living room where many activities such as movie night is held, complete with popcorn, sodas, candy, etc.

The food is good & the dining room beautiful.  We get good service and the Sunday buffet is great!

The transportation provided to the residents, upon request, for appointments, beauty shops, and other matters is an outstanding service.  The service is always provided with a smile.
We have the convenience of postal service, storm areas, exercise room, blood pressure machine.  Church services are held on Sundays in the chapel.

New friendships are encouraged and I feel safe and secure here at GCV.  What more could you want??  

Bruce and Virginia Price

Do we enjoy living at GCV, you bet!  Friendships galore with both staff and residents. There is always something to do, movies with popcorn and goodies, entertainment of all kinds. Food served by superb waiters plus the kitchen staff is more than willing to prepare special foods for those who have diet problems. If one needs to go see a doctor, shop, or attend special events, transportation is provided. Our apartment is cleaned every two weeks, plus a change in bedding.  Everything is planned to make living a joy. No grumblers here, that's a fact.

Pat Smith

I enjoy living at GCV for numerous reasons, but I will be selective.  The lake and surroundings are so peaceful.  Numerous activities are available such as bingo, bridge, board games, card games, and puzzles.  Also, shopping and lunch trips.  I enjoy the entertainers, some are groups and some solos.  Of course, I have to mention the food.  Very good!

George Rhodes

I have been impressed with the maintenance department.  I have had the need to have a few repairs made and each time there was someone to answer my call for “help.” I do not recall any instance when the repairs were not made the same day I turned in my request.

Emma Lou Cox

When I became a widow, I found the days were very long and mealtimes were unreal!  Twelve o'clock noon would appear and hunger would hit me like a ton of bricks, but I was not prepared to fix a meal much less have any supplies to prepare one except maybe crackers and cheese.  My mind said, “I'll thing about that later.”  Weeks and months went by with very little change, except I began to have some physical problems.  My family began pushing me to make some changes.  I did!  I moved into GCV and the half hasn't been told yet!

Mealtimes are so different-good food, good company, and good times!  Even my children vouch for the mealtime change, and they feel that I'm safer in every way, every day!